1. elephants

    Really nice pattern here !


  2. Streusel

    Streusel http://wp.me/s3LPlu-streusel


    The donut is in a cute small size and I used

    plastic pearls as decorartions

    and sewed them on top :3

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  3. Soon is strawberry time !

    The pattern can be found here !

  4. Babybirds

    My interpretation of this pattern !


  5. Crochet Easter Egg


  6. Crochet Tiny Shark


    Its really small and perfect as keychain.

    By the way, I sewed the dorsal fin the wrong way. >_<

    Here you got the pattern!

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  7. Happy Easter 2

    Here is the bunny pattern!


  8. Happy Easter :3


    Here you can find a good easter egg pattern.

    This is the bunny you can see AT the bottum in the right picture above.

    The pattern for the bunny ears below you can find here !




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  9. Teddy Bear Granny Square

    Teddy Bear Granny Square


    The pattern can be found here !

    Its  a present for a friend`s baby girl for her child`s room as decoration. :3

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  10. smiling ★


    An english pattern you can find here !

    Eine deutsche Anleitung gibts hier !

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